President / CEO Message

November 2022

     As the leaves are falling, Futures is very active on multiple fronts.  Fortunately, the Pandemic has subsided and allowed us to start to get back to our “normal”.  Our new program facility project, staff appreciation week, and a number of operational   initiatives have kept the Futures Team very busy.  Although the “pace of play” has been fast, the team is responding well and the Agency continues to move in the right direction. 

    The Kessel Construction Team has worked very well with Futures to develop a plan for the new program facility.  We are excited to report that our plan was put into motion on 10/31/22 as work at the site began.  Futures is thankful for all of the support from our donors and the community.  The construction phase of the project is anticipated to be 10-12 months.

    Staff Appreciation Week took place the week of September 6th.  The events committee, led by our Vice President of HR, Brittany Keck, planned a number of activities and giveaways to express our thanks. The activities included a car wash for the Futures staff, a coffee and donuts day, a food truck day, a raffle for a PTO day, as well as an informal staff gathering after work on Friday.  Brittany and her team did a nice job thanking and celebrating our staff.

    I would like to thank the Futures Team, as well as our Board of Directors for their dedication and work over the past few months.  We have worked together and worked hard to keep things moving.  I appreciate all of the effort that has led to the meaningful progress we have made on multiple initiatives.


Steve Morgan

President / CEO