Photo License Technician – Coudersport

Published on January 29, 2024

Location: Coudersport, PA

Job Summary:

Provides efficient, courteous customer service to all persons who enter the Photo License Center. Assures that customers have proper identification and documentation. The License Technician is responsible for the operation of the work site, including accountability of consumables, processing all customers courteously, promptly, and without discrimination or prejudice for any reason, issuing a finished product to the correct customer, and recording the transaction as required.

Send resume to: [email protected] or Futures Rehabilitation Center, Julie Newman, One Futures Way, Bradford, PA 16701

Requisite Experience and Capabilities:

• The individual has the requisite skill, experience, education, and other job-related requirements of the employment position with or without reasonable accommodation.
• Free of criminal offense or receive Department approval for persons convicted of a criminal offense
• Ability to read, comprehend and communicate, both orally and written, using the English language.
• Ability to manipulate a keyboard or keypad and a point and click device (mouse)
• Possess customer service skills and demeanor
• Ability to comprehend oral training in both a one-on-one and group setting.
• Ability to comprehend and carry out oral or written instructions.
• Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
• Ability to perform general mathematical functions, i.e. add, subtract, etc.
• Ability to effectively utilize a telephone
• Ability to visually examine a product in order to ensure that quality standards are met.
• Ability to perform repetitive processing.
• Ability to work for extended periods of time without a break.
• Ability to physically transport a box or carton of supplies weighing up to 10 pounds.
• Willingness to accept temporary reassignment at other License Center locations.
• Willingness to work regularly scheduled hours and additional hours as needed.
• Ability to perform fine motor skill tasks necessary to prepare and operate the photographic, facility and security equipment, i.e. safe combination, security alarm key pad, load consumables into the printer, etc.

  • Essential Functions of the Job:
  • • Operate according to Photo ID Policies and Procedures as mandated by the Department of Transportation, UniqueSource, or the Member Agency Representative.
    • Accurately operate the security system equipment, camera system equipment and accurately replenish supplies.
    • Start up, log on, operate, log off and shut down the computer system and peripherals.
    • Correctly install a printer ribbon in less than two (2) minutes.
    • Correctly install laminate in less than two (2) minutes.
    • Correctly install a retransfer film in less than (2) minutes
    • Correctly install card stock in less than one (1) minute.
    • Accurately verify authenticity of photograph and other supporting documentation.
    • Accurately verify license characteristics (height, eye color, name, etc.) with customer in order to verify that the license is accurate and belongs to the customer.
    • Accurately verify authenticity of signatures.
    • Accurately respond to customer questions and problems related to the Photo ID forms and procedures.
    • Accurately complete all Photo ID paperwork, i.e. daily log, security log, weekly work sheet, etc.
    • Successfully operate the shredder to dispose of sensitive materials, i.e. camera card
    • Successfully utilize the telephone to answer incoming calls and make work related phone calls.
    • Accurately physically count supplies and compare that count to SIMS.
    • Accurately arm and disarm the security system components.
    • Successfully operate a safe combination lock.
    • Willingly accept assignment at other License Center locations outside the primary assignment.
  • Responsibilities:
    • Responsible for facilitating the security of the Photo License Center premises and photographic equipment by arming and disarming the security system at appropriate times.
    • Responsible for ensuring the security of the Photo Processing materials including card stock, laminate, color ribbon, retransfer film, and used and voided consumables.
    • Responsible for processing customers in a pleasant, professional, efficient and customer service oriented manner.
    • Responsible for carrying out the procedures to accurately process a customer:
    • Requesting and reviewing proper form of identification
    • Verifying information on identification documentation
    • Determining validity of camera card
    • Positioning customers correctly for photograph
    • Operating the camera equipment to create a photographic license or identification card
    • Assuring a quality product is delivered to the customer
    • Issuing the accurate finished product to the correct customer and recording the transaction as required
    • Completing and reviewing paperwork
    • Shredding or canceling camera cards immediately when the customer signs the License Control Audit Sheet
    • Responsible for the daily operations of the Photo License Center
    • Opening and closing the Photo License Center as scheduled
    • Being punctual and keeps absence within guidelines.
    • Reporting by telephone any requested information, i.e. opening time, downtime and exceptions to daily routines
    • Maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of the Photo License Center
    • Wearing the prescribed clean and pressed uniform while working
    • Operating the Photo License Center in compliance with policies and procedures
    • Reporting downtime to the appropriate parties
    • Preparing paperwork and submitting to the appropriate parties
    • Maintaining a SIMS
    • Alerting the District Manager when supplies are low
    • Answering general customer inquiries regarding the Photo ID program
    • Performing other related duties as required