Futures Rehabilitation Center offers vocational and social programs for people with disabilities in McKean County, PA

Our Advantages

Quick Response

FRC provides timely response services to participants and businesses seeking services.


Our professional services help people with disabilities live fulfilling, happy lives.


FRC is a non-profit organization with a mission to support people with disabilities. Our community partners enable us to achieve our mission.


Donations go directly to helping people with disabilities thrive in our community and become active members of society.

Building On Abilities

providing services to people with disabilities

At Futures Rehabilitation Center, we offer a variety of services with the goal of helping adults with disabilities live fulfilling, happy lives, be an active part of our community in McKean County, and contribute to society in a meaningful way.

More than 195 participants with autism, intellectual disabilities, and mental health disabilities are currently part of our vocational and social programs, which range from community activities such as volunteering, education, socialization and physical health, to respite, companion, and employment services.

Futures is a non-profit organization. You can make a donation and help us support adults with disabilities in McKean County, Pennsylvania on our Donation Page. Thank you for your support.

Our Services:

Community Participation Support Programs

Community Participation Support (CPS) programs help participants develop networks that may result in relationships, independence, additional volunteer and employment opportunities:

  • The Work Center provides the necessary work skills training needed to gain competitive employment
  • The Blaisdell Center is a special needs life skills service that focuses on socialization, recreation, and maintaining and learning new skills, as well as encourage independence and self-sufficiency

Home and Employment Programs

  • Home and community habilitation services assist participants in acquiring, retaining, and improving the skills necessary to enhance independence
  • Respite and companion services are provided to supervise and/or support participants to ensure their health, safety and daily living needs both at home and in the community
  • Employment services provide employment support in finding a job and ensuring successful outcomes

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We want to help care for adults with intellectual and mental health disabilities in McKean County. If you know someone who needs our support, if you care for an adult with disabilities, or if you’re a local business that wants to help our community, please help spread our word.