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Thank you for considering a donation to the Futures Rehabilitation Center. Donations go directly to helping us provide Pennsylvanian adults with disabilities the support they need to thrive in our community and become active members of society. We rely on monies from sales, state and federal funding, grants, and private donations.

Gifts may be made “in memory of” a deceased family member, friend, neighbor or associate. We also receive gifts made in “honor of” a loved one or friend, to remember a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or special occasion.

FRC Endowment Fund

Perhaps our most valuable source of income is the Futures Endowment Trust, which was established in 1985. Because the income we receive from the Endowment Trust is not affected by changes in state or federal funding or by governmental policy changes, it helps assure the “future of Futures” by providing a consistent source of revenue to help secure our programs.

Gifts to the Endowment Trust are invested, with the resulting earnings used to support the mission and programs of Futures. As a registered charitable organization, Futures Endowment Trust is a good choice for charitable dollars.

Futures Endowment Named Funds

Gifts to the named funds described below are used to support Futures’ services and activities to individuals with disabilities. Contributions are permanently restricted with invested earnings available for use by Futures.

Mary M Rae

The Mary M. Rae Fund honors the long-time executive director of Futures who began her career as an aide in 1968. Mrs. Rae became the executive director in 1973 and guided the agency’s growth and expansion for 25 years. Mary Rae’s vision established the Futures Endowment Trust in 1985 as a means to provide for the “future of Futures.” Upon stepping down as executive director, she served as vice-president of development at Futures, overseeing the Futures Endowment Trust for several years.

The Mary M. Rae Fund is the first named fund within the Futures Rehabilitation Center Endowment Trust and was established by Mrs. Rae’s son William Rae.

The Rocco “Rocky” Vavalo Fund

The Rocco “Rocky” Vavalo Fund has been established by Rob and Shawn Huber in honor of their great-uncle Rocco Vavalo, a long time participant of services at Futures Rehabilitation Center.

The fund honors Rocco’s commitment to his work and to living an independent life in the community. Beginning in 1991, Rocco had been a mainstay in daily life at the Center. His work had brought meaning to his life and he was a popular fixture around the Center with his friends and co-workers. Rocco also enjoyed all of the social activities at the Center and living independently with the support of his family. Rocco worked daily in the Center until his passing on August 9, 2016.

The Mike Walter Fund

 The Mike Walter Fund honors the memory of one of Futures’ best known and loved participants. Mike’s pride in his work and commitment to Futures was part of his overall engagement in civic and community causes. Mike was a leading fundraiser for the Relay for Life cancer fund and Special Olympics. Mike was a long-time volunteer to the radio broadcast team for Bradford High School football and basketball games.

 The Fund was established by Mike’s brother and sister-in-law Tim and Linda Walter to commemorate Mike’s many contributions to Futures and the Bradford community. Mike passed on April 29, 2018.

Planned Giving

For individuals wishing to make charitable donations on a formal basis, we recommend planned giving. By formalizing your charitable gifts in your estate planning, you gain the confidence and satisfaction of knowing that your efforts will become a part of our endowment with the earnings used in perpetuity for the good of the community.

If you prefer to mail your donation, please send it to:

  • Futures Rehabiliation Center, Inc.
  • One Futures Way
  • Bradford, PA 16701

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