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Community Participation Support Programs

Our three Community Participation Support (CPS) programs provide participants with the opportunity to engage in community activities in McKean County, from volunteering, education, and hobbies to recreation, socialization, and physical health. 

The goal of these community activities is to help participants develop personal networks that may result in relationships, independence, additional volunteer and employment opportunities.

The Work Center

The Work Center is a work skills program that teaches participants the necessary job skills needed to gain competitive employment. Currently, 124 participants are taking part in these work skills services.

The Blaisdell Center

The Blaisdell Center is a special needs support service that focuses on socialization, recreation, and maintaining and learning new social skills. The program also provides services that focus on improving social, safety, and everyday living skills. Through a range of life skills activities, participants are encouraged to learn independence and self-sufficiency.  The Blaisdell Center currently works with 19 participants, teaching recreational and valuable independent living skills.

Home and Community Habilitation Services

Home and community habilitation services can be provided in participants’ own homes or in other community settings. These services are designed to assist participants in acquiring, retaining, and improving the self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community-based settings.

The home and community habilitation services we provide include:

Respite and Companion Services

We can supervise and support participants on a short-term basis when care givers are absent or need relief. We currently offer 15-minute respite, which provides care for 16 hours or less.

We provide companion services to people with disabilities who live in private homes for the limited purpose of providing assistance that ensures the participant’s health, safety, and welfare and helps them to participate more meaningfully in home and community life. Companions may supervise or perform activities that include grooming, household care, meal preparation, ambulating, and medication administration in accordance with regulatory guidance.


In-Home and Community Support Services

We assist 32 individuals in their home or in the community in acquiring, maintaining and improving the skills necessary to live in the community, to live more independently, and to participate meaningfully in McKean County community life. Services consist of assistance, support and guidance in self-care, health, decision-making, home management, managing personal resources, communication, mobility, relationship development and socialization, participating in community activities, and use of community resources.

Employment Services

Futures employment services provide work skills training and employment support to participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities or any other Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) or Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) approved disability.

We assist participants in finding a job that complements their skills and matches their abilities. A job coach works directly with them and their employer to enable them to learn their employment responsibilities and ensure successful outcomes. For eligible participants, individualized pre-placement, job find and on-the-job support services are funded by OVR or ODP. During the past year we assisted 11 individuals.

Services include:

  • Career assessments, job shadowing, and job readiness courses
  • Assistance with the pre-employment phase such as resumé building and interviewing skills
  • Job searching, job finding, and job placement
  • Direct on-the-job training
  • Retraining and follow up as needed

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For more information about any of the above services, please contact
Patti Lewis, Quality Improvement Specialist:

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