Closure of Facility Based-Programs

To: All People of Futures

From: Steve Morgan

Re: Closure of Facility Based-Programs

Date: 12/11/2020

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, the McKean County COVID-19 rate of transmission has again moved into the “Substantial” level (PCR Rate is > 10%).  Due to the increase in risk, the Office for Developmental Programs (ODP) is indicating that we are to close our Community Participation Support Programs.  Therefore, the Workshop, Life Skills, and the Brad Center will be closed at the end of the day.  The Programs will re-open when McKean County returns to the moderate or low level of transmission for 14 consecutive days (PCR Rate < 10%).   The closure order does not apply to our Community-Based Programs (In Home and Community / Community Employment Services).  Supports and services for participants in these programs are to be considered on a case-by-case basis.   

The Agency is currently working with County and ODP representatives to consider how best to meet the needs of those facility-based participants considered to be at greater risk as a result of the closure.  Information will be provided on adjustments to our strategy as available.

All CPS staff are to report to work on Monday 12/14/2020. The Board of Directors and Agency Administration are asking that all available staff continue to work to meet the needs of our industrial partners.  Our partners not only support Futures, but they depend on us as well.  We need to do everything within our power to maintain those vital relationships. 

At this time, I am encouraging all of Futures to put on your “GAME FACE”.  It appears that all of our efforts over the last 9 months have been “practice”.  I appreciate all of the effort and preparation that went into the game plan!  You have done a great job with your conditioning and teamwork, and I remain confident that you are ready.  Now it is time to put all of your skills and abilities into action. 

As we head into the big game… I am looking for the Futures Team to:


Steve Morgan, President / CEO