Introducing our New Program Facility

    The picture above is the future site of our new program facility building to be located at 615 East Main Street, next to the Valu Home Center. On June 16, 2022 we hosted our Capital Campaign Kickoff event at the Bradford Club, in order to begin the funding phase for our new program facility and introduce informational details about the new facility. The event was sponsored by 1865 Wealth Advisors at CNB Bank.

    Kessel Construction began ground work on our new program facility on October 31, 2022 with an estimated completion timeline of 10-12 months.

    The new program facility will host our BRAD Center and Life Skills service programs, which services similar groups of adults with mental and physical disabilities. The current BRAD Center facility at 150 Kennedy Street is an aging structure which needs a new roof, windows, heating, and the electric and plumbing needs updated. The various service rooms and especially the kitchen area and the bathrooms are small, making it difficult for people with mobility issues to move about the facility comfortably. This location also has no off-street parking, which can cause issues for loading and unloading participants, especially during the winter months. The Life Skill’s Program is currently located on the 2nd floor of our 1 Futures Way building, which can cause difficultly for those participants with ambulatory needs.

    The new program facility will be a single story building and provide our participants and staff a safe and better environment for services. The new facility will have plenty of off-street parking and the front entrance will have a covered area for loading and unloading participants under a protected environment. The new facility will be built to provide functional and safer service delivery and offer our staff the best possible tools to help our participants.

    Moving out of the 150 Kennedy Street location will be bittersweet, Futures started in this location, then known as the Blaisdell School in 1968. In 1992, the building was donated to Futures by the Blaisdell Foundation. Operating the building for the past 30 years and occupying space in it for the past 54 years is a long history. Thank you to the Blaisdell Foundation for your many years of support to Futures and the participants we serve.

    For more information about our new facility project, check our website at or call Stephen Morgan at (814) 368-4101.