Let There Be Heat

For the first time in 65 years our building is not being heated this winter with the huge boiler located in the boiler room. Built in 1957 by the Titusville Iron Works Co. of Titusville, PA, the boiler takes up 429 square feet of space, is 5 ½ feet wide, 11 feet long and stands 8 ½ feet tall.

Don Britton, Director of Maintenance has been busy the past year installing a newly designed heating and cooling system to replace and supplement existing subsystems throughout the building. Some of the boiler heating components will be reused for three new boiler subsystems dedicated to specific areas of the building, instead of one large boiler system trying to heat most of the building. Included in the newly designed heating system are four new traditional forced air heating systems for specific zones of the building which compliment four existing forced air heating systems. New to the overall building heating and cooling design are twelve ductless mini-split heat pump systems that provide specific heat and cool air to individual rooms and serves as backup  heating and cooling to existing systems. Kudos to Don for a great job making everyone in the building feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Thank you Don Britton.

This size of a project would not be possible if not for the financial support of the Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust grant of $64,433 to us to upgrade our heating and cooling systems. Thank you Edith L. Trees Charitable Trust.