Lynn Keltz Retires After 43 Years

43 years.  That’s roughly 11,442 days, 1,635 weeks, and 376 months (according to Google).  According to Lynn Keltz, “it’s been some of the best years of my life.”  Lynn will be retiring from Futures’ Fiscal Department on June 11th, 2021 after 43 years of employment.  She began working for Futures on August 1st, 1977 as a receptionist.  “Back then you had to pass a typing test in order to be hired,” stated Lynn.  Prior to her hiring, she had worked for Airco-Speers from 1973-1977, and after her department was downsized, she was able to attend Olean Business Institute and earn a certificate as a Medical Secretary.  “If I recall correctly, one of my family members heard of a receptionist position at Futures and I decided to apply,” said Lynn.  “I’ve been here ever since.”

Much has changed at Futures during these past 43 years.  A print shop and chocolate factory was operated where now the Life Skills program is located.  Another facility was located in Coudersport that assisted in manufacturing ceramic items.  The cafeteria was in full operation and provided meals to participants and staff while the downstairs area had a grooming room with a shower and hairdresser station.  Also, a wood shop was located on Chestnut St. and a knife assembly building was located on Russell Blvd. in Bradford. 

Lynn can recall all of the staff that she has worked with over the past 43 years.  Janet Cleveland, former Director of Fiscal stated, “I worked side by side with Lynn for 28 years.  She was caring and compassionate for the individuals we served and always very dependable and a valued friend to all.  May you take with you the happy memories of the friends you’ve made and all the things you’ve accomplished.”  All of the staff at Futures feel very much the same in regards to Lynn.

Futures has evolved its services and operations over the past 43 years to adapt to the ever changing needs of the individuals served.  Many challenges and much successes have occurred in those years and Lynn was a contributing factor.  “Lynn’s dedication and expertise have played a large part in Futures’ success over the years,” stated former Director of Operations Pat Ryan.  “She was always willing to step away from her desk to organize events, especially if they involved the participants.  Lynn always made time for the participants and was concerned for their well-being.”

“I was 22 years old when I started working here at Futures,” said Lynn.  “I’ve grown up here.  So much has changed, but what hasn’t changed is how the participants always make me smile.  That, I will miss most of all.  When asked to summarize her 43 years of employment at Futures, Lynn stated, “Looking back, I can remember thinking I would be here a couple of years, get some experience, and move on.  But, that didn’t happen.  And I wouldn’t change a thing.  I’ve learned so much, made so many friends, and experienced so much joy.  It was meant to be.”