Running With The Bulls

    Alabama has “Roll Tide”, Penn State has “We Are”, and now the Hollidaysburg Area Little League association has “Bull Power” thanks to one of our very own, Carmine Calderone.  If you google, “Bull Power Little League” you can truly get an appreciation of the impact Carmine has made and the influence he has given this young baseball team.  This past summer, the Bradford Little League came together to create this area’s first ever, Challenger Team.  Any individual with a physical or intellectual challenge was able to participate, and one of our friends, Carmine couldn’t wait to join.  With the scheduling of a portion of the Pennsylvania Little League state tournament to be held in the hills of Bradford, what better time to showcase what our local Challengers were capable of.

    Carmine’s turn was up to the plate and he slammed one out into the outfield, showcasing his bull horns as he ran the bases.  Afterwards he told his teammates and little league players from Hollidaysburg that it was the “bull power” that ultimately gave him the strength to crack the ball outside of the diamond.  What started as a simple explanation has now turned into an anthem, a sense of community and an overall acceptance that we are all in this together.  Thank you to the Hollidaysburg Area Little League association for “running with the bulls” and for showing your support to our local celebrity, Carmine Calderone.