Tom Miller Celebrates 50 Years

50 years ago, Post Cereal Company debuted their famous Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles, McDonalds started serving Shamrock Shakes, Arnold Schwarzenegger landed his first film role (Hercules in New York), the Ford Pinto was introduced to the American public, and Tom Miller attended his first day at Futures Rehabilitation Center Inc.

Tom began attending Futures Rehabilitation Center Inc. on November 7th, 1970.  “I remember my first day very well,” said Tom.  “I was scared and didn’t know anyone.  But, everyone at Futures was very helpful and were rooting for me to succeed.”  Tom and his family moved from Buffalo, NY to Bradford, PA in the winter of 1960.  “We moved during a big snow storm, it was the week before Christmas,” Tom informs.  “Bradford was a little town compared to Buffalo, but everyone made me feel welcome.”  He graduated from Bradford Area High School in June 1969 and continued to reside with his mother and brother.  According to Tom, a neighbor spoke with his mother about Futures Rehabilitation Center and with the assistance of his mother and other Support Team members, he was able to begin working at Futures.  “Barry was my first boss at Futures,” said Tom.  “He was 6’7”, a huge guy, but a really nice guy.  We had a lot of laughs together.”

His favorite task assignments have been cutting and folding wicks, working on Whirley Cups, cutting cloth, and assembling boxes for Zippo.  Tom enjoys all the activities that occur at Futures Rehabilitation Center, such as the annual Christmas Party, Summer Picnic, and Award Recognition Dinner.  “I just love coming here,” stated Tom.  “If it wasn’t for Futures, I’d be home twiddling my thumbs, and that’s not good for anyone.”

When not attending Futures Rehabilitation Center, Tom enjoys playing guitar, listening to music, watching television, spending time with his brother, and sitting on his front porch watching people come and go.  He is an active and well known member of the community, having participated in Aktion Club, Special Olympics, and Relay for Life. 

“People need to know that Futures is here, even during bad times, like what’s happening now,” says Tom.  He attributes much of his success in life to Futures Rehabilitation Center and Evergreen Elm Inc.  “These people have given me the opportunity to live a great life,” he states.  “My hope is that Futures is here to stay for more years than I can count.”

The participants and staff of Futures Rehabilitation Center congratulate Tom Miller on his 50 years of participation at Futures. Tom is the first person to achieve 50 years at Futures and we wish him 50 more.