Futures Employment Services Program & Maggie

This is what we call a success story.  Maggie Friedman has been one of our productive participants here at Futures since 2012.  We’ve known and she has agreed that she has been capable of doing more than what Futures can offer from a vocational standpoint.  Maggie, with the support of her service team, decided to start the work assessment program through our partnership with OVR (Office of Vocational Rehabilitation) with our Employment Specialists, Tammy Bennett and Deb Hatch.  Maggie started her work assessment at our local Tops Market and like her peers here at Futures, the Tops’ staff loved her and encouraged her to apply for an employment opportunity.  We are happy to report that Maggie has been hired part-time working in the carry out kitchen prepping a lot of the pre-made subs, wraps, etc. at Tops.  Success stories like this, getting our people out in competitive employment is the ultimate goal of Futures.  Now that Maggie has completed the job training phase of her new job at Tops, Futures will continue to support Maggie and Tops through job mentoring. We wish Maggie the best of luck on this new adventure!!

Maggie is one of 14 participants who are working full-time or part-time jobs with a variety of local employers after going through our Futures Employment Services program. The program provides work skills training and employment support to participants with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our Employment Specialists will assist each participant in finding a job that complements their skills and abilities and then works with them and their employer to enable them to learn their employment responsibilities and ensure successful outcomes. Our Employment Specialists provide each participant with career assessments, job shadowing, pre-employment skills and direct on-the-job training. If you would like more information about our Employment Services program, please contact Tammy Bennet or Deb Hatch at (814) 368-4101.