Julie Newman Earns Certification


Congratulations to Julie Newman for passing her certification to become a Work Incentive Practitioner through the School of Industrial & Labor Relations at Cornell University. Futures CEO Stephen Morgan saw a need for our Agency to offer social security benefits counseling to our participants and Julie stepped up to volunteer. Julie attended five 8-hour classes followed by a 2-day provisional certification exam and then successfully completing a case file review requirement to complete her certification process. Julie will be required to maintain her certification over the next five years by completing 60 continuing education credits in the Work Incentive Practitioner program.

    A Work Incentive Practitioner counsels individuals with disabilities about their finances. Support is provided to them with identifying concerns, providing strategies, and information about services which may help to enhance their financial self-sufficiency while being employed. Information provided, allows them to make informed choices and ultimately decreases reliance on public benefits.

    Julie has already been able to help one of our participants navigate some benefits topics in order to make some informed decisions. Congratulations Julie on achieving your certification and helping our participants!